As a small business in Denver, a highway project can mean more business. But how long will it take to construct the new highway? Many times, local small business worry about the large endeavor that is highway construction. It takes time, planning, and a communal effort to complete. In that time of construction, businesses can suffer losses. However, once the highway is complete, they will typically recover even more customers.

In this post, Claystone Construction shares the top 7 tips for local small businesses to survive a highway project.

Top 7 Local Small Business Survival Tips

Tip #1 – Plan Ahead

As a small business in Denver, you will want to plan ahead as far as you can. This means going to as many public design meetings for the highway project as possible. You will want to identify opportunities to leverage the construction to your advantage. Granted, you may lose some traffic, but how can you gain that traffic elsewhere? Get together with other local business owners to discover potential solutions.

Tip #2 – Organize With Other Business Owners

Find business owners willing to partner in an effort to keep customers walking through the door. One way could be to setup a discount program for customers who buy a sandwich at a deli and get their oil changed at a local mechanic shop. This combination will foster a professional relationship between businesses and build trust between customers and local brands.

Tip #3 – Hold Regular Meetings With Business Owners

Schedule a meeting at least once a week with other local business owners. This way the discussion on how to survive the construction process is at the top of your mind.

Tip #4 – Consider Group Advertising

Show your customers in the community that local businesses stick together. Partner with other businesses and create joint advertisements with discounts or deals to get the customers in the door.

Tip #5 – Reach Out To Regular Customers

Your regulars pay the bills. They’re the backbone of your business. Let them know about the construction taking place, give them an incentive to bring in friends and family during construction, and reward them for being great customers.

Tip #6 – Meet The Construction Project Manager

The best way to get information on timelines and updates is directly through the project’s manager. Connect with the project manager and work with the individual to make the most out of the situation.

Tip #7 – Schedule Events During Highway Construction

Communicate with your customers and the construction project manager about promotional events. Get the highway construction crews involved in helping your business survive the project. If you’re a restaurant, take the construction crew coupons so that they come eat at your location during lunch. Do the same for your customers. Schedule events that coincide with national and local events to drive business.

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