Did you know it can take five or more years to design a highway project? Engineers and local government officials lay out the project, the timeline, and how it will be completed. Alternatives are studied and considered during this process.

Furthermore, the impact of the highway on the nearby communities is also considered. In some cases, engineers and the local government officials will bring in consulting engineers once they have their plan in place. This is to find gaps in planning or improve the plan that much further.

Meetings will also be held with local government officials and the communities to gather suggestions and discuss the project with those that will eventually be using the highway once it’s completed.

As your top excavation company serving Denver, Claystone Construction is an advocate for thorough planning and communication. We work to foster relationships with other contractors an professionals all over Colorado.

Local Businesses Organize

A highway project is about more than excavation and construction. It involves the communities as a whole. The local businesses in the area need to be in on the project, too. Their livelihood relies on the flow of traffic to and from their businesses. Working cooperatively as a group, the local government officials, excavation company, construction contractors, and project manager can all make the highway project a success and bring more business to the area.

Keep The Community Informed

Once excavation and construction begins on the highway project, it’s imperative that the project manager, local government officials, and local businesses keep the surrounding communities informed of progress. A highway can be a huge benefit to those in the area, but residents and customers alike can become impatient with the process. It’s best for local businesses to double-down on their efforts to notify their customers and the passerby that they are indeed open. In fact, helping out the construction companies to guide customers through detours and along alternate routes to the businesses is a great way for everyone to work together during the project.

For local businesses to stay informed, they, too, need to communicate with those running the highway project. Here are some ways local businesses can keep up-to-date on the progress:

  • Attend public meetings related to the highway project.
  • Invite local government officials or DOT representatives to share information via communication or meetings.
  • Share what businesses have learned with other local businesses.
  • Establish lines of communication with all relevant project managers.
  • Provide key businesses owners in the community project managers can contact to spread information.

Follow Through With The Plan

At Claystone Construction, we’re acutely aware of how important a project plan is to the success of the endeavor. When it comes to excavation projects, our mission is to complete the project under budget and before deadline, sticking to a high-level of quality and service. The same goes for communication between project managers, local government officials, local businesses, and community members. Once a plan is put in place, it can be acted on, which increases the chance for success.

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