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Claystone Construction is here to share what site grading means and how it is used in a construction excavation project. Whether you need a grading contractor or construction grading for your project, it’s important to remember that the process takes time. An efficient, effective excavation contractor works from a plan, completing each piece of the plan accurately the first time.

How Is Site Grading Used?

Commercial and residential excavation projects tend to require site grading work to prepare for construction. The ultimate goal with site grading is to create a level base for the rest of the development or project to build on top of. This means that soil, dirt, debris, rocks, and more need to be removed. Once all obstructions are removed, the site is then graded by a professional excavation company. A level base is the foundation for the rest of the construction project.

What Is Site Grading Used For?

Site grading is used for a number of reasons. For example, a site may be graded to create a level base, manage water runoff, and secure potential areas of erosion. Depending on the project, site grading can include a slope of at least five percent. This type of slope typically translates into a six-inch drop over ten feet, away from the building. What’s more, the quality of the excavation completed on the site can determine the long-term success of the project long after it’s completed.

When projects are incorrectly graded, they can cause erosion, water, and foundational issues years later after the buildings have been erected on the site. Incorrect excavation or grading affects more than the construction site; it affects the adjacent properties, too. Furthermore, improper grading can affect natural features like rivers, forests, and fields, which may negatively affect the wildlife in said area.

Excavation Is More Than Moving Dirt Around

At Claystone Construction, we believe that what we do is tied to something greater than earthmoving and site grading. We’re helping eventual homeowners purchase the house of their dreams. We also work to conserve the environment through our excavation processes. Finally, we create a level, solid foundation for the other contractors on the site to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently.

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