As a project manager or a land developer, it’s tough sometimes to understand what you can use your excavating contractor for while they’re on site. Can they do more than move dirt and grade the lots? What about material transportation from one lot location to another? Can your excavation company also construct roads? These are all valid questions and ones you should ask potential, or already hired, contractors.

In this post, we’re going to share five common jobs excavation contractors in Loveland complete outside of moving dirt and grading lots. If you’re a project manager of a housing development, or a commercial land developer looking for an excavation company, give Claystone Construction a call today! We’ve been helping build Colorado since 2003, and have decades of experience in the industry. Otherwise, read this post to learn more!

Five Common Excavation Responsibilities

New Home, Building, or Warehouse Construction

It’s common to think that an excavating contractor works with dirt, but they do more than just push dirt around. Every lot in residential subdivisions and the pads for commercial construction projects must be prepared before utilities, foundations, and more can be installed, poured, or built. Furthermore, excavation companies, in some cases, help prepare each lot for construction.


In most cases, an excavation company will grade and prepare each lot in a subdivision or specific areas on a commercial land development site for landscaping. They can also help move product, grass, dirt, and more around the site for later use. Finally, excavation companies can help level lots, dig holes for water features and planting trees, and help create retaining walls.

Moving and Installing Pipe

Pipe is heavy. In most cases, the excavation company will be responsible for preparing the site dirt to receive utilities and related pipe for water, sewer, and whatever else is needed. Someone damage a pipe during construction? Your excavation company can help dig it up and replace it.

Material Handlers

On large residential and commercial land development projects, there are a lot of materials. These materials need to be moved around as the project progresses. The excavation contractor can help move these materials while they’re still on site. In most cases, the materials will need to be moved to supply builders and other subcontractors in their duties, which means the project is progressing.

Road Development and Construction

In a large majority of cases, the excavation company will work to prepare the roads that will give access to the homes, buildings, and the rest of the lot. Excavation, grading, digging, and more are all involved, and you can rely on your excavator to take care of it for you.

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