Land Development in Fort Collins has reached a near fevered pitch. The city is expanding at a remarkable rate as new residents flock to the Front Range to take advantage of its job opportunities and beautiful landscapes. As a land developer, you have many excavation services to choose from to start your project. When you’re choosing a residential excavation company, keeps these factors in mind. And when you’ve considered it all, consider giving Claystone Construction a call to aid in your land development project.

Erosion Control

Erosion is a natural process that can be accelerated and exacerbated by land development practices. By clearing and stripping a piece of land, erosion can damage the aesthetic qualities and practical applications of a property. Fort Collins in particular, with its history of flooding, is very invested in how land developers excavate and build on land within the city. Proper land development and residential excavation ensure that the soil and its sediments remain in place, and are not washed onto nearby properties during flooding or heavy rains.

Site Management

Given that land development in Fort Collins is happening so quickly, and that many land developers are working concurrently with each other, it’s important that a residential excavation team be aware of where their project site is. To best facilitate a successful excavation, a good company will establish convenient entrances and exits to the job site that do not impede local traffic around the site. Additionally, a good excavation company will consider where to put their fill pile, and which roads are to be used to haul the excavated materials off the job site.

Location of Utilities

Excavating a residential site is a tricky endeavor above and below the earth. It is vital that you do not damage any utility lines that are running through and around your land development site. This is important in Fort Collins, as the city requires that all power and phone lines be buried. This adds another complex dimension to your considerations of other utility lines like water, sewage, and gas. It’s best to coordinate your residential excavation with the city’s utilities services.

Lot Suitability For Construction

Perhaps before you even consider starting your excavation, it’s important to think about the kind of building you are constructing, and if it is appropriate for the lot size you’re developing. Keep in mind the amount of buildable area you have in that lot, and look for features like slopes, trees, and water tables that can make excavating that side more difficult than it needs to be. Also, you’ll want to consider the soil content itself. If the site is packed with clay, you might need a larger and stronger foot to prevent cracks in the foundation. You also want to make sure that you are not building too close to bedrock, as this can make the excavation of a basement needlessly costly.

Claystone Construction

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