Are you working to reclamate some land? It can be tough to find the best land reclamation company in the Rocky Mountain Region. Claystone Construction has been serving Colorado and parts of Wyoming with land and mine reclamation services for more than 60 years. Our services, expertise, and quality is unmatched in the industry. We’re here to ensure your project gets completed on time and under budget. If you want construction done right, call Claystone Construction today!

What is Land Reclamation

Land reclamation can be achieved through a number of methods. A common method is by simply filling a designated area with large amounts of cement and heavy rock, then clay or dirt, and finally topsoil. This is typically called “infilling,” which fills the targeted space to be used for agricultural farmland.

The goal of reclamation is to create new land from the ocean, lakes, ponds, or river beds. Since we’re in the Rocky Mountain Region, Claystone Construction has focused mostly on rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands, and habitually flooded areas.

It’s important to know, too, that in various jurisdictions “reclamation” can mean the return of disturbed land to its previous economical or natural state. We also offer mine reclamation services to those in need.

Why Land Reclamation is Important

There are a variety of reasons for land reclamation. At Claystone Construction, we’ve worked with various construction companies to reclamate land for agriculture, landfill, and for environmental reasons.

Land reclamation as it pertains to agriculture simply means we create new land for farmers and the like to begin framing said land. When it comes to landfill, we’re focused more on repurposing the area to serve a different purpose like housing developments or commercial warehouse developments.

Finally, when we service our clients’ mine reclamation needs, we’re concerned with restoring the land back to its natural or economically equivalent state. Materials like coal, gold, and more need to be mined to fulfill the needs of the market, and when the mine is nearing the end of its service, we remain responsible and restore the land to its previous natural state.

How We Approach Land Reclamation

When Claystone Construction partners with a construction contracting partner to reclamate land, we focus on a few things:

  • What are the environmental effects?
  • How do we deliver the best reclamation service possible?
  • How do you complete the project at or below the estimated budget?
  • How can we create partnerships to grow awareness in the industry?

We’ve been in the land reclamation industry serving residential, commercial, and mine reclamation projects for more than 60 years. If you want reclamation done right, call Claystone Construction.

Choose Claystone Construction

When it comes to land or mine reclamation, we’re the experts in the industry. Claystone works to create partnerships from every project we win, and we strive to deliver the best reclamation services in the industry. We serve the Rocky Mountain Region from Colorado Springs up to north Fort Collins and beyond. If you’re planning a land reclamation project and need a reliable contractor, give us a call today!