Claystone Construction is your commercial excavation company in the Rocky Mountain Region. We’ve been serving all of Colorado and parts of Wyoming for more than 60 years. If you’re developing land for warehouses, commercial business buildings, or simply need to clear land, we can help. We’re committed to quality contracting services at quality prices. When you choose, Claystone, you’re working with the experts in the industry.

Here are the commercial excavation services we offer:

  • Site grading and preparation
  • Mass earthmoving and excavation
  • Topsoil stripping and stockpiling
  • Topsoil placement
  • Finish and fine grading

Street and Sub-Excavation Services

At Claystone, we strive to deliver the best excavation service at quality prices. Your commercial excavation project will most likely need street and sub-excavation services completed to add road access and drainage systems. We offer a variety of these services to our customers:

  • Fill material import and export
  • Soil stabilization
  • Street and roadway preparation
  • Aggregate base course import and placement
  • On and off-site trucking

Underground Utility Excavation for Installation

Commercial development projects will need excavation services for new underground utility installation. At Claystone, we offer a number of services to fit your new utility excavation needs. Our certified operators and expert team will be able to get your project completed on time.

Here are our utility excavation services:

  • Water lines
  • Sanitary lines
  • Storm lines
  • Underdrains
  • Pump stations
  • Infrastructure

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When it comes to commercial excavation projects, you want the best excavation company in the industry. Claystone Construction has been serving the Rocky Mountain Region from Colorado Springs to North Fort Collins for more than 60 years.

We’re committed to serving commercial construction companies and land developers with their commercial development endeavors. As you plan your next project, give us a call. We’re always ready to start a new partnerships in Colorado and parts of Wyoming.