1. The Top 3 Reasons Large-Scale Construction Projects Fail

    It can be a hard pill to swallow. You’re a project manager of a large-scale construction endeavor in Denver. You have dozens of subcontractors working to complete the project, but you find failure. At Claystone Construction, we understand that large-scale projects can be time-consuming, cost-heavy, and disheartening at times, but they don’t have to be. In this post, we want to share the top th…Read More

  2. 7 Tips To Help Local Small Businesses Survive Highway Construction

    As a small business in Denver, a highway project can mean more business. But how long will it take to construct the new highway? Many times, local small business worry about the large endeavor that is highway construction. It takes time, planning, and a communal effort to complete. In that time of construction, businesses can suffer losses. However, once the highway is complete, they will typicall…Read More

  3. How A Plan Can Make Or Break Highway Construction

    Did you know it can take five or more years to design a highway project? Engineers and local government officials lay out the project, the timeline, and how it will be completed. Alternatives are studied and considered during this process. Furthermore, the impact of the highway on the nearby communities is also considered. In some cases, engineers and the local government officials will bring in c…Read More

  4. How Construction Site Grading Is Used During An Excavation Project

    Are you a project manager or land developer? Do you need a top-tier excavation company in Denver to bid or contract your project? Site development and planning can be a long arduous process. Your budget relies on each subcontractor taking care of their portion of the project efficiently and effectively. The best excavation company in Denver is your only option to complete your project on time and …Read More

  5. The Importance Of Excavation Sitework Prior To Construction

    If you’re developing land or preparing a site prior to a warehouse or subdivisions being built, it’s important to understand that sitework is a crucial piece to the success of your project. No amount of blueprints and planning will successfully prepare a site for construction. What you need is a top excavation company to get your site ready for utilities, foundations, structures, and more. In …Read More

  6. 12 Types Of Excavation Construction Contractors Ought To Know

    As a construction contractor, land developer, or project manager, you need to know what type of excavation your excavating contractor in Denver is delivering to your project. Granted, you probably do not need to know the fine details, but when your contractor explains what’s happening and how it’s going to happen, you want to be in the know. In this post, Claystone Construction will be sharing…Read More

  7. Trenching And Excavation Hazards You Can’t Ignore

    Site development, whether for commercial or residential projects, poses plenty of safety hazards. Two areas that require the most attention to avoid site accidents or even mortalities are trenching and excavation. It’s common to think that the excavators on-site can control the dirt they’re moving around 100 percent. In fact, the only dirt you can guarantee the operator can control is what’s…Read More

  8. 7 Warning Signs You’re About To Hire A Bad Excavation Contractor

    The worst thing you can do as a general contractor is hire a bad excavation subcontractor. Not only will they cost you money, but you will experience an truck load of stress. It’s not worth dealing with bad subcontractors for a bottom-of-the-barrel price tag. You can make up the difference in profits elsewhere in the project or on selling more projects to potential customers—especially if you …Read More

  9. How Excavating Contractors Help Residential Land Developers

    It’s common to hear excavation contractors and heavy machine operators tell their friends and family that they will never give up their jobs. Why? How many children do you know get to grow up and continue playing with their favorite toys? Excavators, dump trucks, and other heavy equipment are all necessary in residential excavating projects in Denver. Land investors, general contractors, and lan…Read More

  10. 5 Common Jobs That Require An Excavation Company

    As a project manager or a land developer, it’s tough sometimes to understand what you can use your excavating contractor for while they’re on site. Can they do more than move dirt and grade the lots? What about material transportation from one lot location to another? Can your excavation company also construct roads? These are all valid questions and ones you should ask potential, or already h…Read More