1. Excavation Safety Tips For Construction Sites

    There are a number of heavy machines that can be used on residential and commercial land development projects, including excavators, bulldozers, graders, and scrapers. To operate any of one of these machines, an individual will need to complete a considerable amount of training. That training includes safety protocols, awareness, and best practices. At Claystone Construction, we take safety seriou…Read More

  2. Prepare Your Road Construction Site For Spring Weather Conditions

    Spring is upon us in Colorado. We still have yet to escape the occasional snowfall, but the rain is here. As we continue through the year, the temperature will steadily rise, and we’ll see less rain. Until then, how does Spring rain affect construction sites? Do you need to prepare the site and workers for the weather? At Claystone Construction, we believe a prevention plan is paramount to a suc…Read More

  3. Considerations for Residential Excavation

    Land Development in Fort Collins has reached a near fevered pitch. The city is expanding at a remarkable rate as new residents flock to the Front Range to take advantage of its job opportunities and beautiful landscapes. As a land developer, you have many excavation services to choose from to start your project. When you’re choosing a residential excavation company, keeps these factors in mind. …Read More

  4. Burgeoning Road Construction In Denver

    It’s hard not to miss the amount of construction that’s taking place in and around the Denver area. Seemingly every day, another construction project begins to create jobs and homes for Colorado residents. Naturally, to meet these growing population numbers, our state has had to begin developing improvements on its infrastructure, namely its expansive highway system. 2018 Road Construction Pro…Read More

  5. Follow These Important Steps When Planning a Land Development Project

    Do you want to develop land? Maybe you have a plot in mind, but you’re still deciding whether or not to purchase it? Claystone Construction believes in building partnerships with other contractors so we can plan and complete projects faster and within budget. We’ve put together a general land development checklist to assist real estate and property developers in Fort Collins make the most info…Read More

  6. A History of Land Reclamation in Colorado

    If we are to understand the land reclamation laws in Colorado thoroughly, we need to take a look at history for a moment. Claystone Construction believes in responsible land reclamation practices, ones that preserve the environment and benefit the uses of newly created or restored land. Did you know there used to be zero laws protecting the environment when it came to land reclamation? This is whe…Read More

  7. How Our Land Reclamation Services Can Help Your Project

    Are you working to reclamate some land? It can be tough to find the best land reclamation company in the Rocky Mountain Region. Claystone Construction has been serving Colorado and parts of Wyoming with land and mine reclamation services for more than 60 years. Our services, expertise, and quality is unmatched in the industry. We’re here to ensure your project gets completed on time and under bu…Read More