Claystone Construction is the top excavation company in Colorado. We’re based in Fort Lupton, CO, and we serve the entire front range with high-quality excavator services at affordable prices. Do you have a residential or commercial land development project in the works? How about a mine reclamation or crushing and mining endeavor? We’re here to serve you and complete your project on time and under budget. Ready to partner with us and get your job done right the first time? Give us a call today!

Mine Reclamation

At Claystone Construction, we offer a variety of mine reclamation services to contractors and project managers. Our ultimate goal with mine reclamation is to return the land back to a naturally safe or economically usable state. Here are a few of our reclamation services:

  • Site and land clearing
  • Clay liners
  • Dam construction
  • Compacted reclamation slopes
  • And so much more

Residential Excavation

Do you have a land development project in the works? Are you developing a subdivision? You need a high-quality, professional excavator company to help you meet your deadline and complete your project under budget. At Claystone, we offer the following residential excavation services and more:

  • Site preparation and grading
  • Earthmoving and excavation
  • Topsoil stripping, stockpiling, and replacing
  • Finishing

We also offer a variety of lot and street sub-excavation services, as well as underground utility service installation earthmoving.

Commercial Excavation

Are you preparing a commercial lot development project for warehouses, offices, or other commercial buildings? You will need a top excavation company in Colorado to take care of your earthmoving needs. Claystone offers the following commercial excavation services and more:

  • Site grading and preparation
  • Mass earthmoving and excavation
  • Topsoil stripping and stockpiling
  • Topsoil placement
  • Finish and fine grading

We also offer various street, sub, and underground utility excavator services to our clients.

Mining and Crushing

Do you need custom crushing or recycled material services? Claystone helps companies take care of their mining crushing needs. Our experts can produce a wide variety of materials, including different types of washed or unwashed products.

Why Choose Claystone Construction

With more than 60-plus years in construction, the founders at Claystone Construction have dedicated their excavation business to helping build Colorado since 2003. Our focus is on completing projects on time and under budget. We strive to foster professional relationships with others in the industry. Are you ready to get started on your project? Give Claystone Construction a call today!